Another Google Page 1 Rank!

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Well happy new year and all that everyone!! We had a very busy end to 2013 so it’s been a while since our under nourished blog got any attention. But we’re glad to say we’ve hit another huge achievement as far as our Google ranking goes and wanted to share that with you here.

Yep you guessed it…

Another Google Page 1 Rank

You may be familiar with our last Google Page 1 Blog Post, which put us on the first page in Tauranga when looking for web design companies. We were absolutely stoked with that, as it was no small feat. We beat out around 100 other companies in Tauranga wanting to feauture on that first page.

Our next significant milestone started in early January when we started getting mobile app development enquiries from random places around the country. A little investigation into this, up until now uncommon occurence, revealed we now have a New Zealand wide page 1 ranking for the search term “mobile app development new zealand“.


We’re now fielding calls from around the country for people enquiring about mobile development services, we couldn’t be more stoked!

It just goes to prove once again all of our knowledge that we share with you guys on our site is 100% valid. There are no short cuts these days to a good ranking on our old mate Google, but that also doesn’t mean it has to be hard yards for you to get there. A little TLC in the right places can see your website start ranking, and beating out some of your competitors to those highly sought after first page spots.

For the most comprehensive description of where to start, head on over to our SEO page. Once you’ve read over the basics there, check out our “What is Content Marketing?” blog post for the general feel of what you’re trying to achieve with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The info graphic on that post is awesome! Everything that we use to boost our ranking can be found on our website for free, perfect for everyone out there wanting to have a crack at it themselves! And for those who don’t have time and rather we did it for them, we’re just an email away 😉

We recommend having a blog for this but it is not a necessity. Remember 90% of web companies, well the ones we’ve come across to date anyway, have no idea what SEO really is and how to get a good Google rank. Most say they do, but when you drill down they still think adding keyword meta tags to your website helps. Sorry for the geek speak and don’t worry if you have no idea what keyword meta tags are, they’re an old obsolete mechanism Google used to use a while back to rank pages.

Anyway, as always, if you have any questions about your website we’re happy to lend some advice. We’re a friendly bunch down here so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can no doubt point you in the right direction.

Better Googling everyone!

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