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AppThat™ has the expertise to create the turnkey web design solution your business is looking for.
We provide web design services for clients in Tauranga, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand and abroad.
Are you a new business, or an existing business who needs their online presence refreshed?

Whether you need a crisp, single landing page, a larger menu driven site or a full-blown e-commerce website, we have the solution for you. And don’t worry, our friendly consultants will be able to tell you exactly what you need.
Your website is one of the most defining features of your brand. No matter how a visitor discovered your business, or their level of previous experience with you, their interaction with your website will help set the tone for how they view your business. Which means the web design choices for your business are very important.

These days fast, mobile optimised, professional and easy to navigate are some of the keys factors to a successful online and mobile presence.

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Do I really need a website?

If you are in business, the short answer is YES!

If you are in any kind of competition with a comparable business and they have an adequately marketed website while you do not, their advantage is clear.

People are probably already looking for you online. When they search for you do you want them to find nothing? Or worse, your competition?

A properly web designed, Search Engine Optimised website is one of the best passive marketing tools you can have. If you’re an active online advertiser already, through social media or otherwise, you’ll enjoy the benefits a custom website provides with affordable and expandable marketing too.

No matter what product or service your business delivers, having a website makes you, in a way, open 24/7. Your customers and your future customers can obtain information about your business and find a point of contact for you any time, anywhere.

What kind of websites do AppThat™ make?

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our market research indicates website views from tablets and smartphones are shortly set to exceed Desktop PCs. All our websites are mobile optimised to ensure they look crisp and clean whether viewed from a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. Mobile optimised web design should be a staple in every web designers repertoire these days, be wary of any designers who do not offer it as standard, they are setting you up for failure from the get go.

Web Design is our passion and we can’t wait to get started on your next project!