Why Mobile Optimise Your Website?

Set Your Site’s on Mobile Optimisation

What’s the Latest?

If you are still asking why mobile optimise? Then let us spell out the reasons. From today Google are introducing a new algorithm designed to meet changing web-browsing patterns.  Browsing the web via your mobile phone may be a social faux pas when hanging with friends, dining out with family or on a first date but we’re obviously connecting with our phones more than ever before. Androids, smart phones and tablets are our device of choice when connecting to cyberspace and in response to this, if your website is not mobile optimised then no Google love for you. The NZ Herald writes about what Google  is doing at length.

Luckily for our clients here at Appthat, all of our custom built websites are fully mobile optimised so their rankings will not be hit. If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, prepare to see your site rank into oblivion. As if ranking was not already the result of a cryptic algorithm needing regular SEO know-how and consistent upkeep to maintain; now you will also need your website to look pretty on a little screen too. See Damo’s personal quest to hit the top ranking search engine spot here.

Google announced these changes with plenty of warning and described the update as providing mobile internet users with the top, most accurate and search-friendly service. Obviously Googlwants businesses to keep up with the mobile trend and update their sites so that people searching for sites on their mobile phones will first locate those which factor in mobile friendly optimisation.


So, What Should I Do?

From now, developing your website should include a consideration of the mobile user experience and how they interact with your brand at each step of the journey. Keeping your mobile optimised website concise, relevant and clutter-free is advisable with a clear CTA and contact point available. For some, mobile phones are like an extension of their hands. So in many situations people are searching for a particular product or service and want to be able to find a solution from the get-go.

Make your navigation simple, reduce the wordiness in your description and have clickable features that are clearly visible to convert that potential customer browsing your site. Don’t get caught out in the fight to rank high on Google’s competitive search engine, make sure your website is mobile friendly today.

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