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Here at AppThat all of our New Zealand web hosting is carried out on business grade servers with mirrored datacentres located in Auckland for performance and reliability. These web hosting servers are built with speed in mind so your website performs to its potential and gives a great experience to everyone visiting it. We not only host websites that we’ve built, but we can also help you move your website over to professional web hosting if your site currently sits on poorly performing equipment.

Cheap web hosting is actually very common practice, and the results you get typically match the price.

Fast New Zealand Web Hosting

There are a number of factors which can influence speed…

Web hosting basics dictate that all websites should be hosted in the same region as the audience it is intended for. Keeping the web servers you host your website on close to the bulk of your users means they get access to your information faster than they would if it were hosted in another country.

Some websites target people locally as well as overseas. In most cases you would estimate where your largest audience is located and host your website there.   So this means if you’re a kiwi making a website for other kiwi’s to visit, you’ll definitely want to be sourcing New Zealand Web Hosting.  On the other hand, if your biggest market is overseas you’ll want to find reliable web hosting over there.

The coding of your site along with making sure you have web optimised images, all play a factor in website speed.

The toughest thing we’ve found is finding reliable servers in New Zealand to host our websites on. There are many options out there and if you’re a business looking at the web hosting options in New Zealand make sure you don’t go for the ‘cheaper is better’ approach. Dirt cheap web hosting typically means slow speeds. This is because there is limited bandwidth and a lot of people sharing the web hosting resources.

It’s important to find the right balance.

We have dedicated servers located in New Zealand as well as third party overseas web hosting providers. No matter where your visitors come from we make sure your site displays as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Download our New Zealand Web Hosting Data Sheet for more information on our New Zealand web hosting facilities.

If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our friendly staff about your web hosting requirements.

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