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We take great pride in producing highly functional mobile apps with crisp, themed graphical content but we acknowledge that the finished product is the first step… Mobile App Marketing is key.

Now there’s a lot of marketing information out there, and sometimes I’m sure it feels like information overload. But if you’ve invested in Mobile App Marketing it’s important to understand the nuances of this channel for the best results.

The greatest tool at your disposal, if you have the functionality built in to your mobile app marketing tool, are Push Notifications.  We wanted to link everyone to an insightful website to expand on what a push notification is, but we couldn’t find any!  Maybe that will be a blog post for another day… But basically think of a Push Notification as text message sent to all the people who have your mobile app installed.

It’s also good to remember once they’ve installed your mobile app they still have to choose “yes” to receiving those notifications. Take note some Android devices have issues with receiving push notifications and there’s not much that can be done about this. Although you can sleep easy knowing that from the stats we collect we typically see 75% of Mobile App installs coming from Apple users across the board.

Most of the mobile apps we publish for clients have some very cool features to make Mobile App Marketing easier. Not all mobile apps will have this, but see the two articles below for scheduling and targeting your push notifications if you have these features.

Now remember folks we’re talking mobile app marketing for business apps here, not games or cool little app tools. Apps specifically designed for marketing purposes. For example retail apps like Player, service providers like Toitu Design, or hospitality businesses like The Phoenix or Comida.

If your business has invested in a Mobile App or is looking to, here’s some tips to get the most out of your Mobile App Marketing.  Many of these techniques are universal to apps of this nature, but in this post we’ll focus on…


Hospitality Businesses

There’s no better way to impress and snag a first time visitor to your business with your customer retention app than point of sale material.  A sharp table talker on your restaurant/bar/cafe’s tables is a great way to catch attention.

Also Mobile App Marketing works best when your service staff ask asking customers if they have seen your Mobile App and point out the special offers to have for mobile only customers (see below).

A little altruism never hurt anyone!

Add a little incentive to your offer.  Giving a little can get you a lot.  And by a lot, we mean the ability to Push Notify many, many customers.  The greater a giveaway you can absorb to get your customers downloading your app, the more powerful a marketing tool you will have.

For example ‘free garlic bread’ for everyone who installs you app is great incentive to install it. Then you’re able to send push notifications to that user forever while they have your app installed.

Nothing like a “$10 pizzas this lunctime for all app customers” push notification at 11.30am to get people thinking about coming and seeing you on their lunch break.

Don’t just have a Business Facebook page, use it

Most of our clients have a Facebook page, but very few are using it effectively to its full potential.  From knowing how paid Facebook marketing works, to just getting your image sizes correct, there is a wealth of knowledge available.  Your App can be made to look super attractive in a Facebook Cover Photo Infographic, once again, hitting the customers who already like you and encouraging them to download your App!


Need a hand?

We always provide our App clients with two free marketing material items like the examples above, but we can produce these items for anyone, existing customer or not, and our skills by no means end there.  If you could use a little leg up on your advertising check out our services and get in contact.

Happy Mobile App Marketing everyone!

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