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By 2014, mobile internet is set to overtake fixed internet access. This was the big headline from Microsoft Tag’s Mobile Marketing infographic last year.

No surprise perhaps, seeing that out of the world’s 4bn mobile phones in use, 1.08bn are smartphones, and apps have become a global phenomenon. Apple’s App Store alone has now reached 25bn downloads; tracking at 1bn downloads a month, a figure nine times greater than the number of burgers sold by McDonald’s!

Consumer’s expectations are changing and as more and more businesses go mobile, you need to ensure you’re not losing customers by not moving with them.

Some Interesting facts

  • 86% of people are using their mobiles while watching TV!!
  • 4 Billion phones worldwide VS 1.5 Billion televisions worldwide & 1.4 Billion Internet users (Holy Moly!)
  • New Zealand has 62.11 mobile phones per 100 people that’s more than the United States which slide in at 48.81 mobiles per 100 people.(Source)

The U.S. mobile app sweet spot is the 35-44 year-old age group, according to  Ask.com and Harris Interactive research.

And that was in 2010 ?? We’re two years past that and Apple alone has sold over 184.542 million iPhones since October 2010!! Then you have to remember that the Samsung Galaxy has almost equally as many sales and those are only 2 of the big players in the mobile smartphone market.

The mobile market is huge and everything is getting smaller, the days of having websites that you view on a desktop are slowly dwindling and everything is converting to fit the appliance it’s working on. Websites are only a destination;  Mobile Apps can send notifications, utilise native functionality on smart devices and are far more flexible. Almost everyone who owns a mobile has it within arms reach and the second it beeps they pick it up immediately.  Unlike a radio or tv ad that may just play in the background and be ignored, there is no ignoring at TXT or Push Notification.

The better question is can you afford not to be in the mobile market ? Make sure to speak to mobile app specialists if you do decide to utilise this exciting new marketing channel.  They can help you figure out everything you need to know to get the most out of your mobile marketing experience.
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