How do I Improve My Google Search Results?

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That’s a question on a lot of peoples minds, how do I improve my Google search results?

There isn’t just one answer here and I had a great experience last night presenting to some local business owners who wanted to know the answer to that very question. Being able to share my knowledge for the benefit of others is very rewarding and I hope I armed some people with the desire to look into internet marketing further. Day to day I talk to people who are successful in business but don’t understand how a little investment in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can really boost their online profile. Radio or print advertising is here one day, gone the next. You invest your energy into raising the bar when it comes to the search positioning for your website and you can reap the benefits of that marketing spend for years to come.

In the greater scheme of things there are two types of websites:

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SEO in 2013?

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Search the death of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in Google and you’ll see it’s a hot topic with web designers for 2013.  But what does that mean for you? Does that mean you can no longer optimise your website, or web pages in such a way they will rank better on Google? Of course you can, but not like you used to.

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Mobile App or Mobile Website?

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Ok, so you’ve heard about mobile websites & mobile apps and you’re wondering if one would be beneficial to your business. You may also be thinking if you already have a mobile optimised website, do you need an app as well.  The answer is, it depends. There are specific use cases for both and understanding what each of them do is the first step in deciding which way you go.

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Mobile Optimised Websites

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Mobile Optimisation, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Websites………..arghhhhhhhh!

What should I be trying to do here?

One thing!  Your goal should be delivering a comfortable experience for your customers while browsing your website from any web enabled device. Simple.

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