Scheduling Push Notifications

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New Feature!

They say timing is everything…

When you’re utilising a cutting edge Mobile Push Notification system (like the one we’re proud to deliver our customers) you can sit down when you have time and schedule your Push Notifications to be timed when they’ll be most effective!  Do you do your social media marketing at the start of your week, but run most of your promotions on the weekend?  This is just an example, but whatever your busy schedule is, this feature is for you!

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Damion Likes NZ

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Errrrrr, Damion likes NZ…what’s this all about?

A little experiment we’d like to run to see how long it takes for us to rank for those keywords in Google. While it is also a true statement, it’s not just a statement I have just plucked out of thin air. I’ve done my research and I know I’ve got a great chance at getting a first spot ranking on Google for it.

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